Lake Garda - On holiday with boat 

Boat launching - trailer parking - buoy - pier

Have your boat launched: Marina staff nearby will be available to let your boat into the lake (with ramp or crane, depending on your boat's size). Your trailer can be parked in the private parking of the Marina (about 2 km away from our houses).  The recommended time for  boat launching are 11 am and 4 pm

PREISE MARINA BAIA VERDE  boat hauling (in and out): € 70 with tractor - € 100 with crane, trailer parking € 4 per day

Buoy: The buoys are anchored just  in front of our houses. We recommend a small rubber dinghy to reach the beach (you can leave it on our fenced ramp to the lake) or, alternatively, a refreshing swim! Price: € 20 per day

Pier: The pier is in front of the houses and you can use it to pick up guests of your boat

Rent a boat

With and without licence: Motorboats with up to 40 hp can be operated even if you do not have the a boat driver's  license, you only have to have more than 18 years of age. Minimum rental is half a day, but may  be extended for your entire stay. In this case you can book a buoy in front of the houses. 

Boat rental  in our gulf: NAUTICA BENACO - GARDA BOAT

With skipper: 
You can book a boat charter service with skipper if you don't like to be your own captain!


we are at your disposal for any need